We always strive to accomplish maximum smart results. The people in our team have more than ten years of experience in analysing and implementing workable trading strategies. Today, we are able to assist people in achieving their desired level of success from a financial point of view because of our years of research in the field and following effective strategies that work in the long run.

We love to help and motivate people by sharing our extensive knowledge. That is the main reason we’ve created “Applications In Life” Foundation – because we love to see how motivated people succeed.

The goals that we set with the establishment of the organisation are:

  • The development and promotion of the values of human civilisation by supporting and sharing in the field of financial literacy.
  • Supporting education, vocational training and the development of capable young people, because the future of the economy depends on the foundations we place today.
  • Carrying out charitable initiatives in line with the mission of the organisation, applying all the ethical, aesthetic and value criteria and rules of those types of campaigns.

Welcome to our community for support and development of accessible and understandable financial education!