We pay close attention to global events, which are an excellent opportunity to meet the experienced leaders, who can change our lives with their knowledge shared to us. The conferences, trade expos and financial education events, published on this page, brings together market influencers and professionals to discuss the important topics about the financial side of life.

FX Markets Europe

This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet leaders and the best professionals in the Forex industry. Financial experts share their insights, techniques and their previous experience. FX Markets Europe provides a platform and free training session, which guarantees the improvement of your skills and new knowledge about how to trade effectively and increased safety. Learn more HERE.

The Sustainable & Social Investing Conference

20th May 2021

London, UK

Sustainable & Social Investing Conference is an event that demonstrates that money that makes a difference and good financial return are not mutually exclusive concepts and could work together for the benefit of society. Learn more about Sustainable and Social investing. Gain knowledge of Socially-Responsible investing and “Green” investing. See how to make an impact and what Ethical investing means. The conference sheds light on how private investors can invest “for good”, giving them more confidence through in-depth research in this area. Read more HERE.

Traders Fairs and Financial Events

Financial education events for traders will be held in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and South Africa. Trading experts, companies, banks, brokers from all over the world get together to share experiences, educate and share their insights from the world of forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, futures and options markets. These events organised by FINEXPO are full of educational speeches, but also with magic shows, entertainments, lucky draws, live performances and music as well. See more HERE.